MA in Banking and Finance

Extraordinary developments were advanced in financial activities in recent years while historic crisis has added a new dimension to global financial markets and institutions. Markets tend to move toward investment banking in USA where the capital markets are dominant while securities markets gain weight in the Continental Europe where the banking sector is dominant. In Asia, on the other hand, price competitiveness of the manufacturing sector rather than financial markets keep the dominant position. Turkey, within this context, needs a more powerful financial system and prominent professionals to consolidate and utilize its geopolitical and economic power. In such a period when the conjuncture exhibits structural changes, financial institutions have become much more critical.

Students of the Banking and Finance program will be candidates for top-management positions in the financial institutions and for financial manager (CFO) positions in non-financial institutions while those who want to continue their career in academy will be candidates of successful academicians.

You strengthen your career in the banking industry

Those currently work in the sector can differentiate from many other management candidates based on the experience and knowledge gained from the Program.

You can find job opportunities in other financial institutions

Pension funds, insurance, leasing, factoring companies, brokerage houses, investment consulting companies... diversifying the courses offered on banking and finance and managerial acquisitions of the program allow our students to work excellently outside the banking sector.

You can be a competent financial manager in your company

You, as a real sector employee who is in connection with financial sector, can advance your knowledge through lectures on all Basel and BRSA criteria in detail.


BILGI MA in Banking and Finance program distinguishes through these aspects:

  • Integrated course schedule and complementary courses.
  • The opportunity of attending courses from connoisseur academicians and famous practitioners.
  • The opportunity of specializing in different sub-fields thanks to balanced core and elective courses.
  • Top-managers and professionals from the sector as guest speakers in application-oriented courses.
  • The opportunity of developing projects which will enable students to generate ideas in a scientific field, to conduct researches and also to have practical purposes for their related working area via thesis and project choices.