BİLGİ Finance

Istanbul Bilgi University, under the umbrella of Bilgi Finance, offers five graduate programs including an online program. These programs are designed with a unique course structure to meet the needs of national and international financial institutions.

With the education given in Bilgi finance graduate programs, specialized staff are trained in the areas of accounting and auditing, investment management, corporate finance, risk management, banking and finance, international finance and quantitative finance.

In addition, through its Center for Financial Studies, our University is engaged in carrying out research in economics and finance by providing an effective exchange of ideas and collaborative work in the academic and the business world. The Center supports graduate students’ education through the CEFIS seminar series and the Certificate in Financial Studies programs.

Factors that differentiate BİLGİ Finance Graduate Programs are:

  • Preparation and delivery of each course schedules were designed integrated and complimentary
  • Compulsory and elective courses in programs are more like even and offer the opportunity to specialize in different sub areas
  • Programs enable students to evaluate markets not from a macroeconomics but also from financial perspective
  • Students can participate in seminars given by renowned academicians and professionals from Turkey and abroad during the program;
  • For applied lectures, senior executives and specialists representing the sector attend classes as guest speakers
  • BILGI Finance graduate programs enable students to develop ideas about a scientific subject, conduct research, conduct scientific analysis and interpret the results, or develop projects that provides direct support to the professional field.