MSc in Financial Economics

M.Sc. program in Financial Economics aims to train specialists who will able to analyze the impact of potential economic developments to financial markets, to structure financial products via the evaluation of the results that are borne out of financial models created with quantitative and analytical methods, to work in the treasury, risk management or research departments of the financial institutions. Furthermore, the program is designed to provide a strong background to students aiming to continue their education at doctorate level. To this end, the courses offered in the program are mainly based on econometrics, macroeconomics, derivatives pricing and risk management.

By enrolling in Financial Economics Master's program:

You will be a preferred professional in financial sector
You will improve your CV via specialist training addressing the needs of the financial sector.

You can benefit from global opportunities
After graduation you may be able to apply international job opportunities offered by the financial sector.

You can make a good start for an academic career
If you plan an academic career in this field, you can make a good start by participating in this comprehensive Master's program.

You can apply for major positions in public institutions
Thanks to a through education in finance you will become a competitive applicant for major positions in public institutions such as Central Bank of Turkey, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency, and Savings and Deposit Insurance Fund.


Bilgi Financial Economics Master's Program, which have presented about 250 graduates to the financial sector in the last ten years, is preferred priorly because of these reasons:

  • The opportunity of specialization in the field you demand through the availability elective courses. By specializing in the path of Quantitive Finance, you can obtain a diploma representing your expertise in the path.
  • The opportunity of attending finance, econometrics and economics workshops instructed by academicians and professionalls coming from Turkey and abroad during the program in addition to the schedule.
  • The royalty of attending course together with a group of elite and successful students which is built up through a severe elimination process including written examination and oral interview.
  • The opportunity of taking courses from well-known academicians and professionals of their fields.