Program Structure

MA in Banking and Finance is a 3 terms program. Students may have the total credit load and also thesis in 2 semesters. The course load of the program is a total of eight courses (4 core, 3 elective and 1 non-credit thesis seminar). Students are expected to complete 21 credits and pass one non-credit thesis seminar before they proceed to thesis stage.

The program gives opportunity to select courses to specialize in different areas. By selecting any 4 out of 5 different courses, it is given an opportunity of concentrating in specifically "Management in Financial Institutions" and "Financial Product Analysis". In this respect, direction and course registration are made by consent of the Program Directorship.

The language of instruction is English.

Courses are held on weekends in santralistanbul Campus. Especially considering workload of the students working in finance sector, some of the courses are being held online. Thus, it is possible to complete the total credit load by being at school on Saturdays only.

Scholarship facilities are presented.