Program Structure

MSc in International Finance Program built on the principle of contributing practical and theoretical structure of finance to the candidates for their professional life and further academic studies (PhD). The program aims to educate both finance professionals and scholars with ethical values.

MSc in International Finance has two pathways (thesis option and project option). The students who wish to graduate with the thesis option must complete eight courses (4 compulsory, 3 elective and 1 non-credit thesis seminar course) in addition to the thesis courses. Generally, the first two semesters are allocated to courses and the next two semesters to thesis, which students have to submit and defend. The students who opt to take the project option must take 10 other courses (4 compulsory and 6 elective courses). Both pathways can be completed in one year.

The language of instruction is English.

Courses are held on weekdays after 19:00 and weekends in Santral Campus.

Scholarship facilities are present in the program.

Candidates can apply to the program for receiving a "Certificate". If a student registered in the Certificate Program successfully completes the ALES or an equivalent exam after registration and wants to participate in the graduate program (with thesis), credits that were earned during the certificate program are not permitted to be transferred.

Special Student Status

Students who did not present a relevant exam score (ALES or the equivalent exams) are evaluated in "Special Student Status". In that situation, students may receive a document certifying their attendance and performance but not admitted to the program as graduate students. These students can transfer their successfully completed course credits (these credits cannot exceed 50% of total credits) on the condition that they have successfully obtained the required score in the ALES or equivalent exams within the two semesters following their acceptance to the program. Scholarship facilities are not present in the special student status.